Rails 1.2.1 is being rolled out…

Today, Monday, DreamHost will begin to roll out version 1.2.1 of Rails.

The main features of the new Rails 1.2 is the REST (and general HTTP appreciation) support (e.g. mime types, HTTP status codes, etc.) and multibyte-safe UTF-8 support.

If you’re running the popular Rails blogging engine Typo, you’re encouraged to freeze Rails immediately. If you’re running other critical applications you might want to freeze your Rails as well to avoid any complications until you’ve tested the new version.

A number of new gems are also currently being rolled out: ajax_scaffold_generator (generator for ajaxified scaffolds), camping (miniature rails), gruff (beautiful graphs for one or multiple datasets), hoe (write Rakefiles easier and cleaner) and unicode (unicode normalization library).

Finally a number of gems have been upgraded: actionmailer (1.2.5), actionpack (1.12.5), actionwebservice (1.1.6), activerecord (1.14.4), acts_as_taggable (2.0.2), capistrano (1.3.1), daemons (1.0.3), ferret (0.10.13), gen (0.41.0), geoip (0.3.0), glue (0.41.0), nitro (0.41.0), og (0.41.0), ParseTree (1.6.3), rubyforge (0.4.0) and RubyInline (3.6.2).

For a complete list of installed gems, check out http://rails.dreamhosters.com.

7 Responses to “Rails 1.2.1 is being rolled out…”

  1. Jeff says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  4. LB says:

    When I type rails -v I still get :

    salt:~> rails -v
    Rails 1.1.6

  5. Bruce Burdick says:

    I also still have only Rails 1.1.6 (on yoda). I’ve prepped the site to be 1.2 compliant. When will yoda migrate to 1.2.2?


  6. yitzhakbg says:

    We also need Rails 1.2, but it’s not available. When will it be rolled out?

  7. tüdelü says:

    yay, it’s on warhead! now i can get rid of clunky edge rails that never really worked and slowed everything down.