Contest Update

I’ve closed for submissions to the contest a bit more than a week ago. 108 readers posted their guesses in time and luckily we got quite some diversity in the guesses.


Half the guesses were for a date in April or May, but we managed to avoid too many “double bookings” (except for May 14 which was the most popular guess with 4 guesses for this exact day).

DreamHost is currently at 425,229 domains and counting…

3 Responses to “Contest Update”

  1. Simon Jessey says:

    I didn’t enter the competition, but I’m going to make a guess that the magic moment will fall around May 1st.

  2. Customer says:

    01/29/07 431,812
    On track for late April!

  3. Customer says:

    02/05/07 437,850
    Another week, another 6,000!