DreamHost 2006 – Year in Review

I’ve just re-read my DreamHost 2005 – Year in Review-post from last year and decided to repeat the exercise.

Hosting Plans
DreamHost started the new year by quadrupling the disk space and octupling the bandwidth on all shared hosting plans. A Crazy Domain Insane plan went from 4800 MB disk storage to 20 GB storage and from 120 GB monthly bandwidth to 1 TB bandwidth.

In October they decided to increase everybody’s storage limits again with up to 10 times the disk storage and at least double the bandwidth. A CDI-plan now has 200 GB disk storage and 2 TB bandwidth.

In order for the users to use these new allowances the dreaded CPU minute restriction was lifted, and only customers interrupting service for other customers would now be contacted.

One-Click Installs
DreamHost introduced One-Click upgrades and a few new One-Click Installs like Zen Cart and ActiveCollab.

New Features
2006 brought a number of great features; whereof some of them had been on the suggestion list for ages.

For newcomers this might not seem like a big thing, but for old time dreamhosters, at least some of these additions have made life a lot easier.

New Web Applications
DreamHost tried to tell the world that they were very Web 2.0 by introducing several web applications. The old email announcement system was replaces by the DreamHost Status Blog and Media Tools and Files Forever (an advanced online marketplace for DRM-free files) was launched in public betas.

In 2006 DreamHost could both celebrate 200,000, 300,000 and 400,000 hosted domains and has thereby doubled in size in less than a year.

The discussion forum had close to 30,000 posts (29,533 to be exact) in 5922 threads by 4508 individual users. That’s an approximately 50% increase on all fronts compared to 2005 (20,430 posts, 4360 threads, 2973 users).

Down Time
I won’t go into details here, but just point to Anatomy of a(n ongoing) Disaster and Anatomy of a Disaster, Part 2. Even if this summer was a dark chapter in DreamHost’s history, DreamHost’s honesty and transparency also impressed the blogger community.

I think we’ll see DreamHost develop even more web applications in 2007. I’ve heard rumors that DreamHost is working on upgrading Keywords to version 2.0 (aka a web 2.0 version of the software). I also expect to see more to Files Forever. I believe DreamHost will try to create a community around the service, and maybe combined with the Media Tools it can evolve into a full featured media store.

What are your predictions for DreamHost in 2007? Which services to you hope they will start to offer or how to you expect the company to evolve in 2007?

2 Responses to “DreamHost 2006 – Year in Review”

  1. pooya says:

    I like to see shared SSL: http://blog.dreamhosters.com/forum/curious/59845-Shared-SSL-again.htm

  2. Tripter says:

    I think, hope, and pray, that they will offer a better web analytics program.