DreamHost Media Tools Beta

Just discovered the next cool thing DreamHost will bring us. It hasn’t been announced yet, but I guess it will be part of the next newsletter due out any moment.

DreamHost has licensed Jeroen Wijerings Flash Media Player – a tool that enables DreamHost customers to embed streamed audio and video into any of their web pages.

The Flash Media Player supports playback of any media file the Adobe Flash Player can handle: Images (JPG, PNG, GIF), Music (MP3) and Flash (FLV, SWF). DreamHost will also provide support for converting videos in AVI, MOV and MPG into FLV via the support panel.

Examples of how to use the new DreamHost Media Tools at http://media.dreamhost.com


The wiki has been updated with Flash Media Player and Flash Image Rotator and a new media section is available in the control panel.



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