World War III, Israel, Lebanon and DreamHost!

DreamHost’s recent technical difficulties has made DreamHost one of the most searched keywords in blog search engine Technorati.

Technorati Top Searches

Maybe not too surprising, but what is making this a bit disturbing is the other contenders for the Top Searches: World War III, Israel, Lebanon and Beirut. The current outage might be bad, but not that serious!

By the way: Things seems to be more or less under control again…

5 Responses to “World War III, Israel, Lebanon and DreamHost!”

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  2. R. Francis Smith says:

    By the way, a quick word to the wise: the IP of my web site changed without notice. Since I wasn’t using dreamhost for DNS for that domain (due to the problems with DNS a few weeks back that you may recall) this made my downtime even longer. At any rate, I changed the nameservers for the domain back to dreamhost’s and all is becoming well. Just thought there might be other users in the same boat.


  3. Edgars says:

    Well, yeah, I absolutely wasn’t impressed with them. IP address changed for my webserver too, but they didn’t changed it in DNS, which they should, because they have the nameservers for my domain.

  4. Kyle Cordes says:

    Over the last few years, Dreamhost has gone from “Dream” to nearly a nightmare. For example, as I type this, email has been down for the last 14 hours (after several other long email downtimes over the last year) with nary a mention on their their status page, and I wouldn’t even “dream” of getting a support reply.

  5. Pete Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    In reply to R. Francis Smith, there is a suggestion in the Suggestions panel that asks us to allow DNS zone transfers (e.g. replication) for our customers. I think that would be a nice way for some people to replicate our always-updated name servers when your IP changes if we could get some votes behind it and get it implemented!