DreamHost Now Hosting 300.000+ Domains

The latest stats from WebHosting.Info show that DreamHost now hosts more than 300,000 domains and is now the 27th biggest host in the world.

Back in January I predicted that DreamHost would reach 250,000 domains before 1th of June 2006, but they passed that milestone already in April and almost grew twice as fast as predicted. Any guesses about how many domains they will host in 6 months time? Maybe I should set up a contest?

On a similar note I’ve heard rumors that DreamHost is going to purchase space from another hosting provider inside the Garland Building in order to be able to continue their growth. The Garland Building is home of numerous hosting providers and telecommunication companies including (tm) Media Temple, PowWeb and Freeway. This might be good news for the ones of you who are waiting for dedicated servers.

4 Responses to “DreamHost Now Hosting 300.000+ Domains”

  1. Xavier says:

    Having dedicated servers again from DH would be cool.

  2. Nathan Friedly says:

    Yea, definately. I have a dedicated server from DH and I love it!

    I got mine a while back, they were out then, but somebody canceled a week or two after I requested one, so they emailed me asking if I still wanted it. I said definately.

    It rocks.

  3. Erik says:


    Are you reselling your DH dedicated server?

    According to the follwing link, it looks like you are:



  4. Fred says:

    With 300,000 domains, you would think that they would hire somebody to fix their servers a little faster, it is now 8:00PM EST and they report a hardware failure from 2:00AM STILL not fixed. Totally absurd.