Discussion Forum Birthday – 5 years today

Today it’s the DreamHost Discussion Forum’s 5 years birthday. The first “Test Message” was submitted by “Jeff @ DreamHost” the 18th of April 2001, and has since been followed by more than 40000 messages.

I’ve been digging deep into the archives to come up with the following Birthday Stats:

General stats:

In 5 years the forum have had 43881 posts, in 9703 threads, submitted by 5779 registered users (plus countless of anonymous users).


Posts Per Month
Active Threads Per Month
Active Users Per Month

Most active boards:

Posts Threads Board
20641 4553 General Troubleshooting
5439 1284 Beginner’s Forum
4889 907 Curious About DreamHost?
4447 1208 3rd Party Software & Scripts
4077 993 Programming
1827 231 Offtopic Discussion
1019 183 Web Design
664 129 * Beta Testing *
437 124 E-Commerce
259 56 Multimedia
182 36 Promotion

Most active users (all-time):

Posts Username Title
1940 will DH Pooh-Bah
1556 ardco DH Pooh-Bah
1450 matttail DH Pooh-Bah
1160 Anonymous  
900 scjessey DH DreamNinja
811 chrisjj DH DreamNinja
777 Jeff @ DreamHost DH DreamNinja admin
758 Atropos7 DH DreamNinja
614 user919 DH Grizzled Veteran
566 TorbenGB DH Grizzled Veteran

Former DreamHost employee Will Yardley leads the pack with 1940 posts since he joined the forum in May 2001.

Most active users (last year):

Posts Username Title
1268 matttail DH Pooh-Bah
775 scjessey DH DreamNinja
602 ardco DH Pooh-Bah
446 Anonymous  
381 dallas DreamHost Honcho admin
358 chrisjj DH DreamNinja
335 Raz2133 DH Smarty Pants
328 guice DH Smarty Pants
290 bygodaddy DH Enthusiast
287 Atropos7 DH DreamNinja

College student “matttail” (known for his always helpful replies) has written an impressive 1268 posts in the last 12 months, almost the same as Simon Jessey (known for his work with the wiki) and Bob (known for his cryptic signature) together.

Most active threads:

Posts Thread Started by Started on
322 DreamHost Word Association wjd 05/21/05
123 Everything slow? feldmahler 02/21/06
76 Policy on affiliate links…? Jeff @ DreamHost 04/05/05
75 Server Slow? schweb 01/05/05
65 Domain Hijackers ? Father Luke 03/25/05
65 Favorite Browsers 2005ed sierko 03/18/05
59 Downtime announcement? annadorfman 03/29/04
57 Ridiculous warfield 08/23/05
57 wiki.dreamhost.com! Josh 03/22/05
57 What Would You Like to See DH Add In The Future? wjd 10/12/03
55 So, no backup power supply at DH??? chrisjj 09/13/05
53 Major email problem jon_potter 01/21/03
53 Cannot send mail sdesigns 07/03/05
52 Replacement for FrontPage theMezz 05/22/05
51 New e-mail address control panel? PatrickD 08/15/04
48 anyone have problems with DB? limicell 04/15/05
48 PHP5 guice 03/12/05
46 Support que 552, now 335 IAmAtMyWitsEnd 03/17/05
44 MySql down again! grrrrrr archon810 04/21/05
43 Vote for Ruby on Rails bluecrab 03/14/05

Lesson learned: A great fairy tale should involve a disaster, a controversy and a troll + fun, hope and love!

Anyway, Happy Birthday DreamHost Discussion Forum! I will now prepare my birthday surprice and get ready for the party! Hope to see you all in the forum soon.

7 Responses to “Discussion Forum Birthday – 5 years today”

  1. Simon Jessey says:

    What a great bit of number crunching! I really enjoyed reading it, and I shall now have to add this blog to my feed aggregator.

  2. Matt says:

    This is awesome! Sorry I’m a day late, but it was still good reading. Thanks for taking the time to pull togeather all this information.

  3. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Happy you liked the stats. Any more charts you like to see now that I have all the data available?

  4. Simon Jessey says:

    If you can be bothered, how about doing a cut-down version of this on a monthly basis, or something like that?

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  6. Jeff @ DreamHost Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    Thanks for the kind words and noticing!

    The forum started as a bit of a project of mine, and – judging by your charts – has become incredibly popular since it was started so long ago. Suffice to say my own activity has dropped (there’s just too much to keep up with), but I look forward to seeing the forum grow and prosper. :>

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