Open The Champagne DreamHost

ChampagneDreamHost is now hosting more than 200.000 domains.

Two months ago I predicted that DreamHost would reach this magic number just after New Year. Since then they have continued their exponential growth, and is now number 39 on WebHosting.Info’s Worldwide Top 50 Web Hosts based on their total domains count.

So, what’s next? 250.000 domains before 1th of June 2006?

3 Responses to “Open The Champagne DreamHost”

  1. AlarConcepts says:

    Here it is April 12 and DH is up to #28 having just surpassed the 250k domains.


  2. AlarConcepts says:

    DH is on the rise…

    May 18, 2006 – #24

    Here’s a link to the general report… that Top 50 Website is SLOOOOW!

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