DreamHost 2005 – Year in Review

We are close to New Year, so it’s time to think about the year gone by and to take a look forward at 2006.

Hosting Plans
All the shared hosting plans has increased significantly over the year. The disk storage has gone from being measured in hundreds of megabytes to be measured in thousands of megabytes thanks to first the Triple Sale and later the Double Sale and the infinitely growing quotas. A Crazy Domain Insane package which one year ago included 800 MB disk storage is now allowed 5620 MB (including weekly additions). Likewise the bandwidth quotas have grown at nearly the same rate.

Another great addition this year has been the unlimited domains and subdomains policy change. One year ago all plans were limited to either 3, 7, 15 or 31 domains (which still was a lot better than most other web hosts), but now you can host as many domains as you like with no additional costs. Which other web hosting company gives you this possibility. I believe this is truly unique…

Server Software
In the end of May DreamHost finally started to official support PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1. One month later they added the Zend optimizer for faster PHP execution and started to official support Ruby on Rails and FastCGI as one of the first bigger web hosts.

One-Click Installs
The number of One-Click Installs has also increased significantly over the year. Late last year DreamHost introduced WordPress as a One-Click Install. This year they’ve added phpBB 2, OSCommerce, MediaWiki Wiki, Joomla (Mambo) CMS, Gallery 2.0, WebCalendar and WordPress 2.0.

This year DreamHost launched the DreamHost Community Wiki, which is now featuring more than 150 articles, and launched the official DreamHost Blog.

In March DreamHost crossed the 100.000 hosted domains mark and are now at more than 188.000 domains. Many of all these customers are active in the discussion forum. The DreamHost Discussion Forum has received more than 20.000 posts in more than 4.000 threads in 2005.

Finally the blog post “Let’s Save Our Environment” became an “internet sensation”, and developed into a funny remix competition with web hosting for life as the grand prize.

Down Time
Two major incidents happened in 2005. The Power Outage in entire Los Angeles in September and a massive DDoS attack in December. Major crisis like this is impossible to avoid, but when it does happen, it’s nice to have a web host that is quite informative about what’s going on.

Wishes for 2006?
This was the round up of DreamHost related events in 2005. What’s going to happen in 2006 is still an open question. What are your wishes for 2006? Post a comment with your predictions for DreamHost, your wishes to services DreamHost should start to offer, or how you would like to see the company evolve in 2006.

Happy New Year

3 Responses to “DreamHost 2005 – Year in Review”

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  2. Minh Nguyen says:

    As a current Dreamhost customer I love the idea of more bandwidth and space, however I feel like DreamHost is saturating the market with these “insane” plans because they know that their customers will be limited to the clock cycles on their server’s cpus. This sucks for me as a customer because, while I love DreamHost, the service that I signed up for a year ago isn’t the same service I get now (it has been degraded).

    I would be willing to pay a bit more for shared servers that aren’t being massively bombarded.

  3. Will says:

    I would really like to see some type of VPS plan or higher CPU limits. There needs to be an in-between for a shared account and a dedicated machine.