Compare DreamHost’s Plans and Features

Since DreamHost has increased all accounts’ disk storage and monthly bandwidth more than 6 fold within the last year (tripled in Januar 2005, doubled in September 2005 and weekly increases since July 2005) and given all accounts unlimited domains and subdomains the differences between the different account types has decreased.

Most users won’t get close to Crazy Domain Insane’s 4800 MB disk storage, and even fewer will use the 600 e-mail accounts or 75 shell/FTP accounts the plan includes. So why would you want a more expensive plan, if you got storage and bandwidth enough? The more advanced plans includes some unique features, which are not included on the lower levels.

The Plan Comparison includes all the details, but can be a bit overwhelming, so I’ve summarised the differences here.

Level 2: Sweet Dreams
All level 1 features plus:

Level 3: Code Monster
All level 2 features plus:

Level 4: Strictly Business
All level 3 features plus:

For even more features and customisation DreamHost also offers dedicated hosting.

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